Poetic Love versus Commercial Love

Am I the last charming? This is a very hard question for me! I remember the times when love seemed more pure and diaphanous. A kid saw a woman, he liked her, she smiled shamefaced at him, giving him really hope. Desire was fed by hope, and time was the best cook for a charming love dish. All of it continued with serene ideas in the evening, while taking a look at the stars and making wishes, sweet love wishes! Days were passing, the boy cannot get his thoughts back on the track, charmed by his stunning princess. Another peek, a few days after, would keep the fire burning, until the child can’t take it anymore, and relocates to the next step: a romantic poem and roses, perhaps even chocolate candy. Lovely! I’m not going to overemphasize this, by placing a balcony in this act. However let’s confess, those were the good old days of love and poetry.

Today, everything appears so empty and worthless. The media is constantly revealing us increasingly more violence and sex, pushing love far from our lives, replacing it just with desire. Now ladies are increasingly more interested of the savings account and limousine the child drives, and most likely would take poetry and sweet as an offence or as unimportant; they would quite rather a costly perfume or locket. The kid, on the other hand, doesn’t have that shiver anymore in his voice, he’s a steady person that should not let loose his uncertainty. He’s driving his high-end automobile, spruced up after the most recent styles, perfumed and everything, with sunglasses to provide himself a superior mindset. He goes to her house, offers a horn then takes his partner to the most expensive places to impress her. And he most likely succeeds in the majority of the times. Extremely beautiful, some may say.

Well, I am extremely sorry, but I are among the fellows who won’t offer into this „ new era love”. I stick with the poetic love that used to be as soon as upon a time, the incurable charming. You might oppose me if you wish, everybody’s complimentary to have a viewpoint, however I continue to be the last mohican stuck to the idea that love and poetry come together as a true blessing, and shouldn’t be torn apart.

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