Anthonio Gerald

AnthonioGeraldHello there poetry lovers, my name is Anthonio Gerald. It’s –not my real name, for those with common sense it probably came immediately – it sounds too smooth. Anyways. I run this website, and it’s called The Poetry Forum.

I’ve created this website for few obvious reasons. First of which is – because I love poetry. I remember picking up guitar for the first time, trying to put a song together (of course once I learned the basic chords, EM, E, G, D, DM etc.) so once I learned that, I tried to put a verse and chorus together. And then I realized what an sophisticated, and interesting task it is, and how people often overlook that. How often people like Bob Dylan, or Don McClean, or even Iggy Pop (whom I don’t really like) how amazing their song writing, their essentially, poetry skill is. They are real, living, poetry geniuses.

Anyways, – then I started digging deeper. You know how it happens. First of all, – you find Arctic Monkeys, then you realize there were bands like The Libertines, then the older generation of Blur and Oasis, then it goes even deeper back in the history books, like The Stone Roses, The Smiths, The Jam, Clash, then you go even deeper like The Beatles, Stones and so on.

The same happened to me poetry wise. First of all I was struck by amazing lyrics capabilies of Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys – then there were Noel Gallagher, then I started digging deeper of who were the people who influenced them, – my new found heroes. For Alex it was John Cooper Clarke, – amazing punk poet, then I found Charles Bukowski, Pablo Neruda, Walt Whitman and so on.

This blog is for those on the same journey!